We are Phuong Ly Trading and Service company limited.

Supply eco-friendly products such as water hyacinth, seagrass, bamboo, rattan storage and laundry.

Commit sustainable co-operation based on co-ordination and development spirit.

Phuong Ly Trading and Service Company Limited is created to produce Vietnamese traditionally natural handicrafts such as Water hyacinth, Seagrass, Rattan, Bamboo to the world. Our products are made from natural materials, eco-friendly totally, and lead people to “green” life.


Core Values

Reputation: Guarantee the quality of products and services, prestige is our honor.

Dedication: Customer’s benefits are always our top priority, we do our best to make our customer satisfied.

Innovation: Increase the product’s variety and quality everyday.

Sustainability: Our products are for sustainable life. Every action we do also aims for Phuong Ly’s sustainable development, based on coordination and everyone’s benefits.